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Artboard LD Marine


Combines strength, low weight and fire proof in one and the same material

The Artboard-panels are made by laminating a number of foam composite fibres to a suitable thickness by compression moulding. The main constituents in the layer of foam are a thermoplastic material and glass fibre.

The unique process results in a material which combines several important properties; low weight, dimensional stability, high rigidity, fire resistance, thermal insulating properties and resistance to liquids and chemicals.

Applications in shipbuildning ex.

Airducts (Ventilation ducts)
Bulkhead panels
Window frames

Ceiling panels and othet decorated panels


Rigidity and weight
The material in the Artboard-panel produces low weight. The standard density is 210 kg/m3 , but can be varied between 130-300 kg/m3 .

An 4 mm aluminium sandwich based on Artboard is as rigid as a 3.4 mm aluminium sheet and it weighs only one-fourth of the weight of the aluminium sheet. An 5 mm aluminium sandwich gives the same rigidity as a 10 mm plywood and a weight reduction of 2 kg/m2.

Surface treatment
The Artboard-panel is often used as a backing for surface material or in a sandwich construction. By coating the panel with different surface materials, it is possible to achieve ideal design solutions as regards low weight and high rigidity.

Artboard can easily be surfaced with materials such as:
- veneer
- fibre-glass fabric
- nylon flock
- paper
- aluminium sheet
- laminated plastic (e.g. melamine)
- plastic film (e.g. PVC). Etc.

Fire properties
Artboard has excellent fire resistance and low smoke development. The material meets the requirements of BS 476 part 7, Nordtest NT004, DIN 4102-1, DIN 5510-2, IMO resolution A.653 (16)

The panel can be supplied in thickness from 1 to 100 mm. The standard sizes for Artboard-panels are 1000x2500 mm and 1220x2440 mm, though they are also available in other sizes.


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